Frequently Asked Questions

What do you cover in your initial consultation

This is your initial investment in the design process. We get to know you, your home and your wish list for your space. Every project is unique so we tailor this time together based upon your needs. Each consultation involves a walk through where we take  detailed notes, photos and measurements that will guide the next steps in our process. Most clients find that we’re able to address many of the questions and concerns right in that first meeting.

When do I need to book you?

As soon as possible!! But seriously, the earlier we can come on board, the better. Bringing in a design professional can save you time and money by streamlining the process and developing an organized plan. We typically schedule initial consults about 3-4 weeks in advance, depending on our calendar. That being said, we always do our best to accommodate our clients and their needs so let us know your timeline and we’ll do our best to make it work!

How long does the design process typically take?

Every project has its own unique needs and timeline and we feel passionately about giving each project the time and attention it deserves. You can expect to work with us from 2 months to a year or more depending upon your project’s scope.  

How do you charge your fees?

Our billing structure can be flexible based on the needs of our clients. We can operate on a flat rate or hourly structure depending on the scope of the project. We walk through the options for how we operate during our initial consultation so we can address any questions you may have right at the start!

When I hire Kresswell, am I paying double for both of your time?

You’re actually getting a 2-for-1 special! We bill collectively between the two of us, so whether we are sharing the workload or sourcing together, you pay the same one hour rate.

How do I pay you?

We accept e-transfer and cheques as our preferred method of payment. Payments processed via paypal or credit card are subject to a 2% fee.

Do you share your designer discounts?

As design professionals we have access to trade only products and pricing as well as designer discounts. We like to be fully transparent at the beginning of our projects about pricing and purchasing. We share a minimum of 50% of our trade discount with our clients when we manage their projects. For the right project, we’ll also partner with brands and suppliers we have relationships with to receive additional discounts for projects that we are documenting for our business and personal design blogs.

What if I don’t have a huge budget, can you still help?

No. Just kidding!!! Of course! Over our 15+ combined years in the biz we’ve worked on projects big and small with varying budgets. We’re happy to source from a wide range of suppliers and price points and are very budget conscious when working on our jobs.

Will you be able to recommend tradespeople and contractors to work with?

Absolutely. We work with some great industry professionals and are happy to share those recommendations with our clients. However, if you have your own preferred trades and suppliers we’re always happy to make new connections and work with your team.

I’m building a new home - how can you help?

We love working with a clean slate and getting involved with new home builds. We can help with everything from a one time sit down to go through plans, to a full service approach. Get in touch for more information on how we can help!

Do you offer project management?

We always prefer to get fully involved in our projects and take the reins to ensure the smoothest possible process. We discuss our involvement during the initial consult or else get in touch to learn more.

Do you provide construction drawings?

Yes. From small renovation elevations to full drawing packages we can help!

What if I only need a little bit of help?

Not every job requires a ‘flat rate’ or ‘package based’ approach. We’re happy to take on jobs at an hourly rate and work on a retainer so we can be on hand to assist where and as needed.

Is it possible to book a one time visit?

We do offer a one time consultation service for clients who want to take on most of the work themselves but just want a bit of guidance. This service is especially helpful for new home builds or renovations. This service is a one time visit up to two hours and the investment is $450. Send us an email if you think this is what you need and we can provide more details.

Do you offer home staging?

We sure do! We have years of experience of staging homes for sale. Get in touch to learn about our home staging consultations and options.

I don’t live in Edmonton or the surrounding area but I don’t want e-design, can I hire you in person?

Get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for!