What Makes E-Design different from traditional design services?

Kresswell's E-Design service makes design simple and accessible. We help you achieve your ideal room, no matter where you are located and you never have to worry about scheduling in-person meetings. We work within your budget and allow you to set your own completion timeline. You'll always have access to your design plan and can gradually make changes, rather than spending all at once. Great design all conveniently online!

How does E-Design work?

It's pretty simple! You take our E-Design questionnaire and we start by gathering all the necessary information. Then we create 2 design concepts for you to choose between. Based off your feedback, we then create your design plan - all online! You'll be able to access all the information we provide from the comfort of your computer!

How do I communicate with my designer?

All communication is done online via our questionnaire and then email. We typically respond within 48 hours and are always here if you have questions along the way.

How long does the process take?

The design process is based entirely on which package you choose and how many spaces you are working on. With our Full E-Design, you will be working with us closer to 2 weeks. 

What exactly is a design board?

A concept or design board is almost like a preview of a designer’s work. Think of it as our first impression of your space, based on your questionnaire. It will include items such as inspirational images, furniture, a colour palette, and it will be accompanied by a description of the concept.

Remember, this is not your final design.  It’s meant to be a jumping off point where you can give us some great feedback before we create your design plan.

What if I don’t like my design concept?

That's absolutely fine and we want you to be honest! We offer you two initial concept boards to choose between but if neither work for you, then we will get back to the drawing board. We allow for revisions and listen to your needs first. 

What if I have questions after?

Design can sometimes seem challenging and we know that even after you have your design plan, you may still have questions. That's why we offer support afterwards. You’ll be able to ask us any outstanding questions or ask for clarification on the design and/or the specific pieces sourced for your space. You can even give us updates or send us pictures! We would love to see how it all came together!

What if I need help with flooring or tile or other renovation finishes?

Our standard e-design services are meant to help with space planning and selections of furnishings and artwork. Included are also paint colors and lighting if required. If you need additional help with flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, and other finishes get in touch to get a quote to add that to your e-design services or inquire about our in person services. 

How do you define what a room is?

In today's homes, a lot of us are living in open concept spaces and it may be hard to "define" a room. That's ok! We think of a room as an area. For instance, if you have an open concept living room and kitchen but only want to tackle the living area, then our price would be based off that one room. If you'd like the project to focus on both, then we would consider it 2 design packages. Still have questions?! Feel free to reach out! 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept e-transfers, Paypal and major credit cards. All fees are included in our base prices.

Do I have to live in Canada to hire you?

Not at all! We love that we are a Canadian based design firm but that's the beauty of being online. We are more than capable of designing and sourcing for people who live across North America and even in Europe and beyond!