10 Outdoor Oasis' We Love

As soon as the heat hits (and it really has in Edmonton right now!), we spend so much more time outside, a lot of which is on our patio. We love outdoor spaces that become an extension of the home...a place where you can gather comfortably and entertain late into the night. You don't need much to have an outdoor oasis - in fact a lot of the best spaces keep it minimal but amp up the textures and greenery. It doesn't matter the size of space either...even a small balcony can become a beautiful retreat. So, in celebration of all the hours spent outside of the house, we thought we'd share 10 of our most favourite outdoor spaces.






Designing a Mid Century Modern Kitchen

There's something really magical about taking an old home and completely revitalizing it. And when the home already has some major mid century vibes, you run with it. I completely fell in love with the idea of a warm kitchen space with pops of black and brass, some dynamic textures and, of course, some killer shelf styling. But before I get too ahead of myself, here was the inspiration for the Ottewell Oasis' dreamy mid mod kitchen:

Copy of day.png

As you can see, I was really inspired by the mix of warm and cool tones, as well as, mixing textures. To really hit that mid century modern style, I needed to include some gorgeous walnut cabinetry, with a contrasting island. Though I love a lot of brass, I decided to keep it really subtle and opted for the main metal to be a sleek matte black. Here's how it all came together...


To see the rest of this beautiful house, head here

All renovations completed by Revive Developments // Photos by Tracey Jazmin for Kristina Lynne

Beautiful Bedsides

Our bedroom should be our oasis in our homes, the space where we tuck away peacefully to relax, unwind and catch some zzz's. That being said, it should also be a beautiful room that inspires you, peacefully sending you to sleep and joyfully greeting you as you wake every morning. There are so many ways to style your bedside, from minimalist to natural, glamorous and dramatic - which of these styles suits you?


Notice a theme here? Clean lines, wood, white and a pop of greenery seem to be the recipe for a beautiful minimalist bedside table setup.

minimalist bedside table
minimalist bedside table
minimalist bedside table .jpg


If feminine interiors are your style, choose metallic accents, luxe materials and finish with florals for a glamorous look. 

glamorous bedside table
glamorous bedside table
feminine bedside table styling


Clean lines, modern accessories and a dark furniture finish all lend themselves to a more masculine aesthetic. 

masculine bedside table
black bedside table
black bedside table, masculine


Mix and match vintage furniture and accessories for a stylish lived in look that's cozy and comfortable, not fussy. 

vintage bedside table
mid century modern vintage bedside table
vintage bedside table

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Tips to Create a Moody, Cozy Interior

White and bright spaces may be our jam. But lately, I must confess to being drawn to photos featuring a more cozy, moody interior. Maybe it's because of the shortened days in fall (and even shorter in winter!). Or maybe it's because Halloween is tomorrow! Who knows?! All I know, is that, as of late, my priority is to make spaces as cozy as possible and embrace the darkness. Here are some tips for creating a moody, yet oh so cozy, interior for yourself.



Obviously, darker colours are a straight shot to a cozy, calming moody interior. But, believe it or not, you can absolutely have a moody white interior too. It has a lot to do with your lighting (see next point) and what colours FEEL calming to you. A deep red wall may never feel restful and cozy to some, and others will swear that white is not boring whatsoever! Everyone associates colours with different emotions. Just keep in mind that when choosing colours in your home, think about the tone and saturation. And consider more than just the walls. I love to keep my walls white but then bring in moodier colours in my accessories.



When creating a moody interior, you want just the right amount of natural light filtering through. Embrace the shadows. And when natural light isn't an option (the sun goes down sooo early in the winter here), have pockets of light that can create those intimate spaces. Dimmer switches are handy, as are candles, task lighting and even twinkle lights accenting an accessory or doorway.



A space can become so moody with the right kind of tactile additions.Things that look, feel and smell good are the best to play with. For instance, a cozy leather couch looks even more restful with a soft pillow or two. Curling up in your favourite chunky knit feels amazing and smelling cookies baking in the oven just makes a home feel like home. All of those things create that "stay awhile" mood. I would be remiss to forget sound too - a great itunes playlist while you bake those cookies is the most comforting.



Typically, a more eclectic style will lend to a moodier space. The objects you bring into your home reflect your personality but also contribute a great deal to the coziness of a room. Think about the collections you own, the books on display, the art on the walls. With Justine, has an incredible collection of records, and having that stack on display instantly creates a cozy vibe. Not every object needs to be shiny and new. A little bit of history is great in any space and definitely adds to a moody interior.



A touch of the unexpected or a moment of quirk are what every home needs. I love it when things aren’t styled perfectly, or 100% neat. Having those imperfections throughout your home is the best! For instance, a linen duvet gets all creased and lined. Rather than trying to make it look perfect, embracing the lived in look makes the bed more inviting.  Imperfections like this are exactly what a cozy space needs...something genuine and real.


Now with all that being said, sometimes you just need a good, moody black paint to create a cozy interior...so check out both Diana's and my top black paint colours!

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