Client Reveal: #TheManchun

bright laundry room with wallpaper

It’s time for another Kresswell client project reveal and today we’re sharing a basement renovation project we worked on with Revive Developments that we fell so in love with! Today we’re introducing you to…. #themanchun

Our clients are a young growing family who were looking to complete their basement renovation, especially with a new addition on the way! They had already done extensive work to the house upstairs but then lost a bit of momentum when it came to heading downstairs. That’s where we jumped in.

First, a look at the basement bathroom and our initial design concept. We all fell in love with this particular encaustic cement tile - the unique pattern and bold hue - so it became the starting point. With the floor being such a focal point, we went classic white subway in the shower and then supported the colour palette with a combo of white and blue-green paint. This particular feature wall is Newburg Green by BM and we couldn’t love it more! A walnut vanity adds some softness, while the brass sconces take it up a notch and pops against that bold hue!

modern bathroom design plan

And now for the finished space (and forgive us for the photos here - basement bathrooms are especially tricky to photograph!!)

blue bathroom with walnut vanity
modern bathroom
blue bathroom with walnut vanity
blue modern bathroom
blue bathroom with walnut vanity

Laundry rooms are quickly becoming one of our favourite rooms to design! Especially when clients get on board with such stunning wallpaper! And when you see this particular floral and bird combination from Dwell, I think you’ll agree it was the right call for this space. When you have to venture down into the basement to do laundry, no one’s favourite chore, then it’s important to keep it bright and welcoming. A place that makes you happy! Here’s the concept we started with…

modern laundry design plan

And, of course, the finished space…

bright laundry room with wallpaper
bright happy laundry room
bright modern laundry room
bright modern laundry room
bright modern laundry room
bright laundry room with wallpaper
bright modern laundry room
bright modern laundry room

Finally, we tackled the main living space - an entertainment area, a full wine room and bar nook! Believe it or not, we managed to create this entire area from IKEA parts and, if we can pat ourselves momentarily on the back, we think it turned out pretty incredible. Big props to our team at Revive for this incredible install. Check out the dark and moody wine bar concept…

modern bar design plan

And again, the finished space…

modern black basement bar
black bar with walnut shelves
black modern bar with walnut shelves
modern bar with floating shelves
modern basement bar

We couldn’t be more happy with how this basement renovation turned out and feel so grateful to have met these clients. Now they get a whole new floor to expand their life into and we’re sure there will be many amazing memories created here.

Big thank you to Revive for yet another great partnership complete!

The Kresswell Cave

For nearly the first year of running our business, we operated Kresswell Interiors out of our homes and a lot (!!!) of coffee shops. In fact, neither of us like to think about how much money was spent on coffee and snacks as we poured over samples or created client concepts. It was obviously what we had to do considering we didn’t know if we could invest in an office space. And yet, not having a dedicated home base was really affecting our organization, time management and productivity.

So even though we were still a very young company, we decided to make the investment and get a small office. We had heard such great things about co-work spaces, so we emailed Timbre, a local co-work who had just transplanted to a larger location, in hopes that there might be space for us. And luckily, they had a really great option that was brand new and perfect for us Kresswell gals! We’ve called this office our home, which we dubbed the Kresswell Cave, for a few months now and we are so excited that we get to show it off! Even though it is small, it makes us feel pretty damn mighty…and whole lot more organized. Want to take a look?

We were so fortunate to have been able to bring items from both our homes to furnish our cave! After both completing home office refreshes with Canadian Tire, we decided to relocate our desks, console table and accessories here, where they would get even better use. Plus we love the aesthetic of the clean white, Scandi styled pieces. Canadian Tire also generously helped set us up with a Keurig machine, cute office mugs, baskets for all our samples (we actually have a few - this two toned one, leather handled one and soft felt one) and our floating shelf. We love how adding in these small accessories gave the space even more life!

In addition to our open shelf, we also have a cork board to pin ideas, samples and anything that inspires. We love how beautiful this spot is and that it’s constantly rotating. On top of our console, that houses a lot of samples btw, we have our coffee station, as well as a place for product binders and trays for odds and ends.

Above our desks, we hung three acrylic panels with stand offs so that we could easily write and check off to do lists. Having this available to look at throughout the day is so helpful - organization is key!!

Opposite our desks, we have more space for sample displays, as well as, our favourite calendar - the Stendig!

In the last office nook, right by our window, we placed a filing cabinet and a bench for when we need a little more space to spread out samples. To add some softness and decorative touches, we couldn’t help but throw in some pretty pillows and Diana’s Block Shop notecard prints!

What do you think of our Kresswell Cave?! We love our office space - we are surrounded by amazingly creative people every day, have a space that finally allows us to be organized and productive and get to feel one step closer to some of our bigger goals for this little biz! Thank you for all your love and support to get us here!

All images taken by Tracey Jazmin

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