Client Reveal: #TheManchun

bright laundry room with wallpaper

It’s time for another Kresswell client project reveal and today we’re sharing a basement renovation project we worked on with Revive Developments that we fell so in love with! Today we’re introducing you to…. #themanchun

Our clients are a young growing family who were looking to complete their basement renovation, especially with a new addition on the way! They had already done extensive work to the house upstairs but then lost a bit of momentum when it came to heading downstairs. That’s where we jumped in.

First, a look at the basement bathroom and our initial design concept. We all fell in love with this particular encaustic cement tile - the unique pattern and bold hue - so it became the starting point. With the floor being such a focal point, we went classic white subway in the shower and then supported the colour palette with a combo of white and blue-green paint. This particular feature wall is Newburg Green by BM and we couldn’t love it more! A walnut vanity adds some softness, while the brass sconces take it up a notch and pops against that bold hue!

modern bathroom design plan

And now for the finished space (and forgive us for the photos here - basement bathrooms are especially tricky to photograph!!)

blue bathroom with walnut vanity
modern bathroom
blue bathroom with walnut vanity
blue modern bathroom
blue bathroom with walnut vanity

Laundry rooms are quickly becoming one of our favourite rooms to design! Especially when clients get on board with such stunning wallpaper! And when you see this particular floral and bird combination from Dwell, I think you’ll agree it was the right call for this space. When you have to venture down into the basement to do laundry, no one’s favourite chore, then it’s important to keep it bright and welcoming. A place that makes you happy! Here’s the concept we started with…

modern laundry design plan

And, of course, the finished space…

bright laundry room with wallpaper
bright happy laundry room
bright modern laundry room
bright modern laundry room
bright modern laundry room
bright laundry room with wallpaper
bright modern laundry room
bright modern laundry room

Finally, we tackled the main living space - an entertainment area, a full wine room and bar nook! Believe it or not, we managed to create this entire area from IKEA parts and, if we can pat ourselves momentarily on the back, we think it turned out pretty incredible. Big props to our team at Revive for this incredible install. Check out the dark and moody wine bar concept…

modern bar design plan

And again, the finished space…

modern black basement bar
black bar with walnut shelves
black modern bar with walnut shelves
modern bar with floating shelves
modern basement bar

We couldn’t be more happy with how this basement renovation turned out and feel so grateful to have met these clients. Now they get a whole new floor to expand their life into and we’re sure there will be many amazing memories created here.

Big thank you to Revive for yet another great partnership complete!

Client Reveal #TheAspenAbode

We’ve been waiting for this day for months! It’s The Aspen Abode’s reveal day!!! This project was a serious labour of love - we loved the clients, the contracting team, the design - that it almost seemed too good to be true. And yet, here we are, with what we think is a pretty amazing home and some very happy homeowners.

Aspen Gardens is a sought after Edmonton neighbourhood mainly because of its ravine trails and beautiful mature streets. Our couple lucked out when they purchased their bungalow since properties here tend to go fast. The only problem - the home had dated decor and a very closed off layout. So we jumped in and started to create a whole new home, giving them both an open concept and finishings that reflected their more modern aesthetic.



In the front entry, we demoed the closet in favour of a pony wall and instead created some built in storage in the main dining space for coats/shoes. A small bench, new tile and a beautiful brass flush mount create an adorable, approachable entry space.

modern front entryway
small space front entryway
modern dining room with black wall


The dining space saw a bold addition - a black feature wall that ties into the living room fireplace (more to come on that soon). But because this space had to function in a few different ways (storage, office nook and dining area!), the overall design was kept pretty minimal - with some warm mid century modern touches. We fell in love with the Mitzi Astrid chandelier for its clean lines and small pops of brass that tie into the front entry fixture.

modern dining room with black wall
modern black dining room with vintage chairs
ikea pax storage with built in desk
minimalist dining room
modern desk styling
modern minimalist dining room
modern bungalow design, edmonton interior designer

DINING ROOM DETAILS: Light Fixture // Onyx Candle // Monogram Mug // Dining Table // Sideboard, Dining Chairs + Desk Chair - Vintage


The kitchen...oh, this kitchen; the transformation is night and day! We removed the adjoining living room wall in favour of a practical island in oak cabinetry that contrasts beautifully with the soft grey palette throughout. Brass accents were the obvious choice - the warmth of the metal finish feels both modern and timeless.

The Delta Trinsic faucet in Champagne Bronze worked perfectly here - anchoring the large window and continuing that warm hue we so loved. It’s sleek arch is modern but the finish itself is so much softer, almost feminine like. It has become one of our favourite plumbing fixtures we’ve ever used.

With a much more functional kitchen layout, we were able to create some beautiful open shelving along the range wall without losing out on storage. This kept the room feeling light and airy and gave us ample opportunity to inject some shelfie styling goodness. The oak shelves against the glossy backsplash tile provide more contrasting textures and the Mitzi Kai wall sconces added in another much needed pop of brass while providing some beautiful ambiance in the evening.

light grey kitchen cabinets
light grey modern kitchen
light grey cabinets and subway tile in kitchen
monochromatic modern kitchen
kitchen shelf styling
light grey kitchen cabinets
shelf styling in kitchen
floating oak shelves in modern kitchen
bright modern kitchen, light grey kitchen cabinets
modern kitchen styling
light grey modern kitchen
light grey modern kitchen cabinets


With a new open concept, it was important that the kitchen and living areas flowed together. We made sure pops of black were consistent throughout the home so the new fireplace surround didn’t shock the system. And yet, it still steals the show! We wanted to have a modern edge, painting out the entire face black, while continuing with the warmer touches - adding in the stacked wood column and the same oak shelving and cabinetry from the kitchen on the right.

We were also fortunate enough to assist with the living room decor, creating a rich and inviting space. We wanted the space to be livable and functional but also stylish. Timeless furniture pieces combined with cozy textures and a muted palette made for the perfect combination.

modern black fireplace with wooden logs
edmonton interior designer, fireplace with modern built in storage and floating shelves
coffee table styling
floating shelves next to fireplace, edmonton interior designer
black fireplace with wooden logs
black fireplace with vertical wood storage
vertical wood storage next to fireplace
article sven sofa, edmonton interior designer
cozy modern living room, article sven sofa
coffee table styling
cozy modern living room, edmonton interior designer
cozy modern living room with leather sofa
sofa styling
modern eclectic living room, edmonton interior designer

LIVING ROOM DETAILS: Area Rug // Coffee Table // Sofa // Grey Chair // Woven Chair // Lumbar Cushion on Woven Chair // Cushion on Grey Chair // Grey Cushion in Basket // Sofa Cushion Lt to Rt: One // Two // Three // Four // Striped Ottoman // Malala Artwork - Client’s own // Large Artwork - DIY // Mitzi Kai Sconce // Millwork - Kitch // Beaded Basket holding plant // Other accents/accessories are client’s own/vintage

oak floating shelves, shelf styling


Finally, the team also transformed what was a very cramped master ensuite into a more welcoming space. The revised layout allowed us to relocate the shower where the existing vanity used to be, which beckoned for some eye catching tile and gorgeous brass fixtures. The combination of the vertical stacked grey tile and Champagne Bronze finish is simply stunning. We added in a sleek oak vanity and some classic round sconces in a matte black finish next to a simple mirror, creating the perfect place to get ready for the day or settle down for the night.

straight stacked grey subway tile in shower
modern oak vanity with grey stacked subway tile
pennyround tile in bathroom floor
light modern bathroom design
modern oak vanity in bathroom

It’s hard to put into words how special a project like this is for us. We connected to not only the overall design, but the incredible people behind it. Coming into their lives and getting to shape their next chapter was truly a gift and we couldn’t be more happy to share in that. We hope you loved The Aspen Abode as much as we did!

Contracting: Revive Developments

Photos: Tracey Jazmin Photo

Please note, out of respect for our clients we don’t divulge all of our finishes and selections.

edmonton interior designer

Visualizing Your Space

Today we wanted to show off a great addition to any e-design plan, our new 3D renderings! We love being able to work with clients all over Canada and the US to help with design planning through our e-design services. With our e-design you receive a space plan with layout and arrangement suggestions, all shopping links and sources and a full plan to implement our suggestions into your space. As of April, you can now also add on a 3D rendering such as these, so you can truly get a feel for our vision and see how we can transform your space! 

Let's say you were unsure if you wanted to keep a room white or paint it a dramatic bold hue like this client of ours below.  The 3D renderings can be a huge help in visualizing the differences in the same space! It can also be great for seeing suggestions for accessorizing and styling and it's a huge help in visualizing a major change if you want to get a feel for your new room before moving forward. 

You can now choose to add on a 3D rendering to any e-design package - take a look here to get started!

online interior design
online interior design

Decorating with Neutrals

Today let's talk about neutrals. As much as we love to see spaces that are bold and bright, and use strong color there's something to be said about a room that's serene and simple, cozy and soft.  The key when decorating in neutrals is to remember a few simple rules: contrast, texture and pattern.


Just because you're using a neutral palette doesn't mean you still can't achieve contrast in the room. Select neutrals that range from the light right through to the dark end of the spectrum. Quite often also, even in neutral spaces you'll see one color used (usually one found in nature - blue, green or other earthy reds/yellows) to create contrast. Pairing light with dark creates tension and every space needs that contrast to look complete. 


Next rule to remember when decorating with a mainly monochromatic palette is texture. Texture is KEY when working with neutrals. You can pair a cream cushion on a cream sofa sitting on a cream rug IF, those pieces all have enough texture that the eye notices a strong difference. Take for instance a knotted thick chunky area rug, paired with a chic tailored cream sofa then accented with a tasseled cream cushion. These textures help differentiate the pieces and add visual interest to the room! 


Last but not least is pattern. Much like texture, pattern is needed to add visual interest, break up a neutral palette and add personality to your room. Pattern can be used anywhere from your rug, your sofa, accent cushions, curtains and more! Remember to think of the scale of your pattern when putting pieces together. For example: if you're pairing cushions together it's great to pair a large scale patterned cushion next to one that's less patterned but might have a great texture. Think of your decor like you wold your outfit - the rules are very similar!

Now, today we thought  we'd share a few of the spaces inspiring us lately that are on the softer side of the color spectrum.  Do you notice the rules at play in these spaces? What do you think of these rooms - do you like the serenity of a minimalistic color palette or do you prefer more color?

decorating with neutrals
neutral living room
neutral bedroom
neutral modern bedroom
neutral front entry
neutral washroom design

Image Sources: One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six

2018 Design Trends: Matte Black Finishes

I think it's safe to say 2017 was the year of satin brass and while we still LOVE brass, this year there's a new finish that's taking the spotlight in kitchens and bathrooms and it's matte black. We adore matte black as a finish for many reasons. Every space needs a little bit of black so adding in black hardware, faucets and other fixtures is a great way to include this design staple into your space. Matte black may be naturally modern but it works well as a transitional finish too, don't count out matte black on your other more traditional or eclectic projects! And, black is a classic design color that never goes out of style so, chances are matte black fixtures are ones you won't tire of too quickly; so go ahead and take a chance on matte black! And in case we haven't convinced you with words, take a look at a few photos that are sure to inspire you to give matte black a try....

matte black kitchen hardware
matte black finishes
black kitchen hardware
matte black bathroom fixtures
bathroom with matte black fixtures

Image Sources: One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six

How To: Pick the Best White Paint

Let's talk white paints, shall we? Whites can be the most beautiful paint colors for a room but can also be the most difficult color to choose. There are pure, crisp and bright whites that are great for modern minimalist spaces or eclectic rooms where you want your bold patterns or colors to pop but if you go too cool, your room will end up looking feeling cold and clinical. Warm whites have yellow undertones and can warm up a space, making it feel both bright yet cozy at the same time but veer to far and you end up with a buttery yellow. Cool whites have a slight blue undertone and are admittedly, a bit colder looking and not nearly as inviting as a soft or warm white and then there are the whites with a brown or grey undertone that really don't count as white as all compared to a true do you even begin to choose?!

how to pick the best white paint color

There are whites with purple, green, pink, blue, yellow and all kinds of other undertones that if you're not expecting them - can really make for a bit of a shock if you think you're about to paint your walls white and end up with a purple looking room instead. So if you're looking to pick a white or off white paint color, here's a few of my tips to keep in mind...


best white paint color

1. Compare to White Paper

When you start to look at white paints it sometimes helps to have a true white to compare to. When you're just looking at a sample you might miss a particular undertone unless you can place it next to a sheet of white paper as a comparison. This is really helpful for making sure you don't end up with an undesired undertone to your white. 

2. Use Daylight

Again, to get the truest sense of the white you're looking at (or any color really) it's best to look at the paint in daylight. Obviously you want to check the colors in the room you're planning to paint but always check your paint colors in true daylight (take them outside!) first to catch all of the subtleties in your colors. 

picking the best white paint color

3. Grab Samples

The tip I ALWAYS tell my clients is once you've picked your color or narrowed it down to two, spend the $5 and go buy a tester sample. Paint chips are never 100% true as the finish on a sample swatch is different than the finish of paint so the color will show slightly differently. In whites, these slight differences can be crucial so for the few minutes it takes to do a few swatches, it's worth the piece of mind before you get started on painting a whole room or house! 

Happy painting!