Minimalist Front Entry, Four Ways

Quite often small spaces can be a struggle in terms of creating an area that is functional, stylish and has personality too. This front entryway is the perfect example of how you can take a small tricky space (and trust us, this entryway is tiny) and make it functional depending on what you need, stylish and bring in loads of decorative touches! 

The key is to start with one or two key piecse to act as the building block which for us was the minimalist console table and round mirror. From here we could switch up the area rug, baskets and ottomans and other decor. 

One space, four looks - which is your favourite?

minimalist front entry


small stylish front entryway


minimalist front entryway


stylish small front entryway


Visualizing Your Space

Today we wanted to show off a great addition to any e-design plan, our new 3D renderings! We love being able to work with clients all over Canada and the US to help with design planning through our e-design services. With our e-design you receive a space plan with layout and arrangement suggestions, all shopping links and sources and a full plan to implement our suggestions into your space. As of April, you can now also add on a 3D rendering such as these, so you can truly get a feel for our vision and see how we can transform your space! 

Let's say you were unsure if you wanted to keep a room white or paint it a dramatic bold hue like this client of ours below.  The 3D renderings can be a huge help in visualizing the differences in the same space! It can also be great for seeing suggestions for accessorizing and styling and it's a huge help in visualizing a major change if you want to get a feel for your new room before moving forward. 

You can now choose to add on a 3D rendering to any e-design package - take a look here to get started!

online interior design
online interior design

Decorating with Neutrals

Today let's talk about neutrals. As much as we love to see spaces that are bold and bright, and use strong color there's something to be said about a room that's serene and simple, cozy and soft.  The key when decorating in neutrals is to remember a few simple rules: contrast, texture and pattern.


Just because you're using a neutral palette doesn't mean you still can't achieve contrast in the room. Select neutrals that range from the light right through to the dark end of the spectrum. Quite often also, even in neutral spaces you'll see one color used (usually one found in nature - blue, green or other earthy reds/yellows) to create contrast. Pairing light with dark creates tension and every space needs that contrast to look complete. 


Next rule to remember when decorating with a mainly monochromatic palette is texture. Texture is KEY when working with neutrals. You can pair a cream cushion on a cream sofa sitting on a cream rug IF, those pieces all have enough texture that the eye notices a strong difference. Take for instance a knotted thick chunky area rug, paired with a chic tailored cream sofa then accented with a tasseled cream cushion. These textures help differentiate the pieces and add visual interest to the room! 


Last but not least is pattern. Much like texture, pattern is needed to add visual interest, break up a neutral palette and add personality to your room. Pattern can be used anywhere from your rug, your sofa, accent cushions, curtains and more! Remember to think of the scale of your pattern when putting pieces together. For example: if you're pairing cushions together it's great to pair a large scale patterned cushion next to one that's less patterned but might have a great texture. Think of your decor like you wold your outfit - the rules are very similar!

Now, today we thought  we'd share a few of the spaces inspiring us lately that are on the softer side of the color spectrum.  Do you notice the rules at play in these spaces? What do you think of these rooms - do you like the serenity of a minimalistic color palette or do you prefer more color?

decorating with neutrals
neutral living room
neutral bedroom
neutral modern bedroom
neutral front entry
neutral washroom design

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Design Inspiration: Beautiful Black Rooms Done Right

When you're decorating your home one of the biggest elements to consider is paint. Paint is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to make the most dramatic change to your home. While we tend to be pretty partial to white walls, we do love a good dramatic black room. In fact, we both have black walls in our own homes! We're currently working on a design project with a dark and dramatic feature so with that in mind, we thought we'd share a few rooms who show that black can be beautiful when it comes to wall color! In fact, as a designer tip, many people think that opting for a dark color will make a space feel small when in fact, it does the opposite. Opting for a dark feature wall can draw the eye out and make a space appear larger than it is. Take a look for yourself! 

black modern dining room
eclectic nursery with dark feature wall
black living room with yellow sofa
black kitchen with wooden shelves
black living room with warm accents
home office with black walls, built in shelving

2018 Design Trends: Curved Furniture

Continuing on with our posts about design trends today we want to talk about curved furniture.... a huge trend to look out for in 2018. For so long clean and crisp lines were all the rage for furniture design but we're seeing a huge movement towards more natural and organic shapes especially in our couches and chairs. Move over boxy sectionals and say hello to the curved furniture you're going to be seeing A LOT of this coming year....

We love to see more organic shapes and think if you can incorporate more curved lines to your sofa or loveseat that this is a trend you'll be able to love for a long time. What do you think of curved lines for furniture? 

curved sofa interior design trend 2018
curved sofa
curved sofa
2018 interior design trends
interior design trends 2018

2018 Design Trends: Matte Black Finishes

I think it's safe to say 2017 was the year of satin brass and while we still LOVE brass, this year there's a new finish that's taking the spotlight in kitchens and bathrooms and it's matte black. We adore matte black as a finish for many reasons. Every space needs a little bit of black so adding in black hardware, faucets and other fixtures is a great way to include this design staple into your space. Matte black may be naturally modern but it works well as a transitional finish too, don't count out matte black on your other more traditional or eclectic projects! And, black is a classic design color that never goes out of style so, chances are matte black fixtures are ones you won't tire of too quickly; so go ahead and take a chance on matte black! And in case we haven't convinced you with words, take a look at a few photos that are sure to inspire you to give matte black a try....

matte black kitchen hardware
matte black finishes
black kitchen hardware
matte black bathroom fixtures
bathroom with matte black fixtures

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Beautiful Bedsides

Our bedroom should be our oasis in our homes, the space where we tuck away peacefully to relax, unwind and catch some zzz's. That being said, it should also be a beautiful room that inspires you, peacefully sending you to sleep and joyfully greeting you as you wake every morning. There are so many ways to style your bedside, from minimalist to natural, glamorous and dramatic - which of these styles suits you?


Notice a theme here? Clean lines, wood, white and a pop of greenery seem to be the recipe for a beautiful minimalist bedside table setup.

minimalist bedside table
minimalist bedside table
minimalist bedside table .jpg


If feminine interiors are your style, choose metallic accents, luxe materials and finish with florals for a glamorous look. 

glamorous bedside table
glamorous bedside table
feminine bedside table styling


Clean lines, modern accessories and a dark furniture finish all lend themselves to a more masculine aesthetic. 

masculine bedside table
black bedside table
black bedside table, masculine


Mix and match vintage furniture and accessories for a stylish lived in look that's cozy and comfortable, not fussy. 

vintage bedside table
mid century modern vintage bedside table
vintage bedside table

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