How Kresswell Came To Be

Every new venture starts with a spark...a small idea that with the right circumstances and some nurturing can (hopefully) grow into something special. It's even better when two people have the exact same spark at the exact same time. That's what happened to Diana and I this past fall. We packed our bags, flew across the country to Toronto, all in the hopes of finding some great success and inspiration at BlogPodium. Little did we know, the day AFTER the conference would prove to be the most fruitful.

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Diana and I connected a couple of years ago because of this wonderful online world. I was struggling with my blog's ( direction and she was starting to navigate 204 Park solo after her partners chose other paths. We immediately connected, shared a lot of common goals and genuinely wanted to help each other grow. Collaborating came very naturally to us and we were always looking for excuses to come together. That's the beauty of these types of relationships born through social media and blogging - fast friendships with people who get you!

Having attended BlogPodium the previous fall, we were excited to go again - this time to Toronto. The day after, we had some time to ourselves to shop, wander the streets and stop in at a café or two. As we sat together, sipping our lattés, we started to share our frustrations but also to dream out loud. It wasn't a surprise to either of us to hear we shared similar visions for our future. Though we both love blogging, design is our true passion. We started to talk a mile a minute about working for ourselves, designing online, having a store that sourced amazing products for Canadians, and even a brick and mortar shop one day. And it was in that moment I think we both realized that two heads are so much better than one, that there was something special in these rambling thoughts.

I can't remember who said it...but one of us simply asked "why not create this together?!"

It all clicked. We got really excited and immediately started to feel inspired. We joked that we were meant to come to Toronto, not to attend a conference, but to finally see the opportunity that was right in front of us all along. On the plane ride home, we made lists, set realistic goals, and started to plan what we would eventually call Kresswell Interiors - a mix of both mine and Diana's names. And after months of hard work, balancing our own blogs & businesses, babies, travel and big moves, we are finally ready to let our brain child out into the world.

And it was all thanks to a perfectly timed cup of coffee in Toronto...

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