Design This: A Feminine Meets Minimalist Office Space

Pink tones and floral prints - what many people put in the category of 'too girly.' It's true that not everyone is going to love this combo, but there are ways to marry the two without going overboard. In fact, we recently designed this simple office space for a client who would never put herself in the category of 'girly.' But when she saw the dramatic floral print and the soft pink tones, she was ready to jump right in! Here's how the space turned out...


By keeping a lot of the furniture white, the floral wallpaper becomes the focal point. And bonus!! It's removable! So if she ever tires of it, she can simply take it down and try something new. So as not to take away from the feature wall, we opted to lean some artwork on top of the desk, along with some office essentials. We would typically source a table lamp for an office space, but because our client preferred to keep her desk small and less cluttered, we decided a floor lamp would be a better solution. It looks great nestled in with some woven baskets. 

The pink tones in the wallpaper inspired some small additions of pink accessories - nothing too over the top or dramatic. A simple muted throw, some stacked boxes and a pink pencil holder were just enough to tie the colour scheme together, keeping the rest of the space nice and neutral.  


Even though a lot of people fear committing to something as bold as a pink floral wallpaper, this design is a great example of how you can achieve balance. Plus, florals are still a huge trend this year, so take the risk and try something new! 

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