Dallas' Dreamy Basement

Well, it's been a great start for Kresswell! We have such an incredible community here in Edmonton and the reception has been so positive and well received. We can't wait to expand that across the country, and hey, even the continent! But, for now, we've been busy working on our first few e-designs. In fact, we thought we would share one with you now! That way you can see just how awesome this process can be ;)

Dallas came to us with an awkward basement design, wishing for a better use of space and a "cozy yet sumptuous lounge in a luxury hotel in the Scottish highlands" feel. We absolutely loved that and couldn't wait to help her out! After sharing some dimensions and before photos, we got to work planning her new and improved basement living room! Here's what we included:

cozy modern basement
basement design plan

First off: a mood board, with a separate linked shopping page! Then: a layout so Dallas can see exactly how to position her furniture pieces. Before, she had some bulkier items that made the space feel more closed off and awkward. So, we sourced a more streamlined sofa in an off white to compliment the cozy wood walls, and two accent chairs that allow her to better utilize the space. She can move them around the room depending on how she's using it, whether that's a cozy night in by the fire or entertaining guests. We worked with some existing pieces she wanted to keep, and suggested some new accent pieces to achieve that dreamy lounge feel.

What you don't see here (and what we share with every client) is a detailed, step by step design plan. We make sure to explain all of our choices and set you up with the right tools to transform your space. Then, you can ask any questions, and if needed, look at any revisions. Collaboration is key to getting the best final results!